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Epcot: Future World East

Epcot is one of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks. Epcot is made up of two sections: Future World and World Showcase. In World Showcase there are 11 country pavilions highlighting architecture, cuisine and merchandise found from said countries. In Future World you’ll find innovative ideas that you can construct yourself and out of this world attractions. Future World is broken into two areas: Future World West and Future World East. Today’s post is going to focus on Future World East and what you can find in this area of Walt Disney World. This area of Future World is on the eastern side of the park and is home to attractions, and a little bit of shopping and dining. Want to get to specific category? Simply click the title: Attractions, Dining, Shopping, Entertainment, Festivals.


Spaceship Earth

This attraction takes guests inside the iconic Spaceship Earth. Guests will ride through time as they climb into the big ball. With the use of animatronics the evolution of knowledge and innovation is told by Judi Dench. This is an extremely popular ride that is for every heigh and age. So either do this one first thing or leave it to later in the evening when most guests are around World Showcase, otherwise you’ll find yourself in line for at least 30 minutes. FastPass is available for this attraction and it’s not a 1st tier

Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future

In this interactive play area at the exit of Spaceship Earth, guests are put into the middle of the latest inventions of this day and age and what’s yet to come. The perfect place to come when it’s raining, Project Tomorrow has all kinds of games for kids and adults to play with. Perfect for your families inventor. 

Mission: SPACE

Mission: SPACE puts guests in a space training program. Either to orbit the earth or head to Mars. This attraction has two experiences. One is the Green Mission and the other is the Orange Mission. For the Green Mission, guests must be a minimum of 40″ and for the Orange Mission guests must be a minimum of 44″. The Orange Mission is much more intense and not suitable for people who struggle with dizziness and motion sickness. The Green Mission on the other hand is perfect for everyone. Guests will be put into a simulator with three other guests, each one having a job to do. This job is to push the buttons at the appropriate time to make the space shuttle do something. Smaller guests made need the help of an adult to press the button. On the ride you will have a restrain placed over your chest to keep you stable while the simulator spins. This attraction has lost its appeal and is no longer busy. So I would recommend forgoing the FastPass for this attraction. 

Advanced Training Lab

A fantastic interactive play area at the exit of Mission: SPACE. The perfect place to play with smaller kids while older kids or adults go on the attraction. Also a great place to wait out a rainy spurt. There are areas of this Training Lab that are for every age. One area is a jungle gym for kids 2-5 years old. Another is a giant video game area. We spent quite a bit of time here on our last family vacation. The kids got some energy out while Jeff went on the Orange mission. You can easily pass this by on your way out of Mission: SPACE but be sure to stop and let your kids play if they are 10 and under. You can access this spot by walking through the shop found at the exit of Mission: SPACE.

Test Track

On our last vacation it blew me away how popular this attraction still is. I waited for close to an hour to ride this ride. We took advantage of the switch pass so that we all didn’t have to wait in line. This attraction has guests in a vehicle that is being tested. The car will be tested for its breaks, reaction to drastic temperatures and of course for speed. The ride is awesome, no wonder it’s still so popular. I would strongly recommend getting a FastPass for this one or taking advantage of the rider switch pass because there’s not much for kids to look at in the line, whereas another popular ride like Frozen Ever After has lots to look at and see. Guests must be 40″ to ride this attraction. 


Another area of Epcot that is interactive for all ages. At COLORTOPIA guests can interact with the world of Color. In the SpectacuLAB you can interact with experiments and watch a show about the world of science. Our favourite thing to do here is to create your own rollercoaster. You then get into a simulator which will create the rollercoaster experience for you. Another great spot to escape a rainy day. 

Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

Located as guests exit Future World and enter into World Showcase, here is where you sign up to be part of the Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. To participate you’ll need a smartphone as you’ll be sent clues via text. You will be sent on a mission that will take you around World Showcase. At 6 of the pavilions you’ll participate in a 40 minute activity that will help you on your mission. You can sign up anytime between 11am and 8:15pm but you’ll want at least 4 hours to be able to complete all of the adventures. This is an amazing way to take in the pavilions in an engaging way as a family. 


Electric Umbrella

One of the easiest places to dine at Epcot. Electric Umbrella is open for lunch and dinner. They serve what you’d expect from a fast food restaurant including burgers and fries, chicken fingers, flatbreads. They also have a few salads to choose from. There’s ample seating inside and out and you can take advantage of mobile ordering here. This is also one of the locations used as free dining as a part of DVC moonlight magic.

Test Track Cool Wash

Only open during peek season, Test Track Cool Wash is located right outside of Test Track and serves a variety of cold beverages. Alcoholic and non. They are open in the afternoon, when they are open. 

Taste Track

Also located directly across from Test Track, Taste Track has everything you want for a snack. Typically carrying ice creams, floats and beverages, Taste Track will also offer seasonal food depending on the festival currently being put on at Epcot. 


Mouse Gear 

One of my favourite stores on Walt Disney World property, Mouse Gear has so many sections you can get lost in this store. With multiple entrances you can get into this store from a variety of places. Here you’ll find candy for those extra dining plan snack credits, purses (high end and low end), clothing for men, women, boys and girls, housewares, toys. If you are looking for an item to take home, here is where you’re going to find it. We’ve always had luck finding products here. On our vacation this summer Jeff purchase a limited edition MagicBand, we found Minnie Mouse dress up shoes for MacKenzie and the cutes two piece PJ set for her. Everything is clearly DisneyParks, products you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Don’t forget, anything you purchase at this store you can return anywhere else on property, so buy what you like and if you decide you don’t need it, return it at your resort’s gift shop. 



Several times a day you can find a group of cast members performing their own version of STOMP. Using trash cans, trash lids, and drum sticks, hang around for 10 minutes to watch this group perform for you right outside of Mouse Gear.


Odyssey Centre

As your exiting Future World East and into World Showcase, by Mexico, you’ll come across Odyssey Centre. Certain times of year this centre is open for festival happenings. Many of the seminars and workshops take place here at the four festivals that happen throughout the year at Epcot. If you ever have any questions about what is being offered with the current festival here is where you should check first. 

Epcot has so many things to do. And many of these incredible things can be looked over when you’re running from the most popular attractions found all over the park. So take time to stop and check out all the small and big attractions around you. You may find yourself spending the best part of your day somewhere you didn’t even plan to stop.

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Happy Planning, Friends. 

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