Disney World Rides Our Kids Loved…But We HATED

Walt Disney World’s four theme parks are filled with attractions modelled for young children, thrill seekers, there’s something for every member of your family. But there’s bound to be attractions that some are going to love more than others. Rides that your younger kids are going to think are amazing that the tweens in your group think are a snooze. On our last Disney World vacation we were there there with our three kids: 7, 5 and 1. Here are the rides that our 7 and 5 year old absolutely thought were the BEST and that my hubby and I could have skipped.

Alien Swirling Saucers. Hollywood Studios.

This ride is found in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. The ride is suitable for guests 32″ and taller. Guests will be in a cart being swung around by the Toy Story Aliens. The cart swings back and forth, sometimes it goes quickly, other times it’s a slow swing. The first time we went on this ride with our kids it was a hit! They giggled and squealed the whole time. I knew Lincoln, our 5 year old, would love it. But I had no idea that our 7 year old would enjoy it so much. It was one of two rides we rode twice on our Disney World vacation. Part of the reason for that is because of the short wait time.

Na’Vi River Journey. Animal Kingdom.

Na’Vi River Journey is a boat ride in Pandora, Animal Kingdom’s newest area. Being one of the two newest attractions at Animal Kingdom makes this a very popular ride, and one of the toughest FastPass reservations to get. It is also one of the few attractions with no height requirement at the Animal Kingdom. The boat ride takes you through a nighttime scene in Pandora. The effects are very pretty and the large Avatar animatronic is quite the sight but it’s not very thrilling. If Jeff and I were here on our own we would certainly skip this attraction in leu of DINOSAUR, Flights of Passage, Kali River Rapids. But our kids, loved it! They loved the beautiful colours and the many creatures making their way through the attraction. It was one of the few attractions that could we could all go on together as a family. So we’ll keep it on our list of attractions until the kids enter their early teens.

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel. Magic Kingdom.

This carrousel remains one of our kids favourite attractions at the Magic Kingdom. It’s one of the first rides we do on our Magic Kingdom day. They love that each of the horses are different and colourful. They love to name the horse they are about to ride and imagine they’re riding the horse during the course of the attraction. It also makes a great photo. As adults we find the ride a bit dull and with so many other rides found at the Magic Kingdom for the whole family I’d mark this one off our list and add Peter Pan’s Flight or Pirates of the Caribbean. But alas, it is a must for our kiddos and it will remain on our itinerary until they grow out of it.

Mad Tea Party. Magic Kingdom.

I get car sick. I get sick on airplanes. I blame all this on my 3 pregnancies. I never had this serious nausea until I was pregnant. This makes the Mad Tea Party at Fantasyland a major skip in my books. But this classic attraction is a must for our kids. They love being able to control how fast the cup goes, picking their own colourful cup. On our last trip I skipped this while our youngest had a nap. My husband and my mother-in-law took our 7 and 5 year old and of course their faces were smiles the whole time.

Living with the Land. Epcot.

The only other ride during our Disney vacation that we rode twice was Living with the Land found in Epcot’s The Land. This ride takes you through Epcot’s greenhouses and teaches guests about ways we can produce without being so hard on the land. It’s a boat ride that is simple and uneventful. It was certainly educational for the kids but didn’t add anything to our day at Epcot. I would much rather spend more time exploring the pavilions in World Showcase.

So there you have it my friends. 5 attractions that as adults we would skip but our kids wouldn’t. They’re rides our kids absolutely loved but we wouldn’t do if they weren’t with us. Maybe these will help you decide what are your Must Do’s for your Disney World vacation.