Magic Kingdom

Disney World Rides our Kids Have Never Ridden at Magic Kingdom

There are so many attractions found at Disney World’s four theme parks, there’s no way to fit them all in. Especially when you spend time meeting characters, enjoying delicious meals, and taking in stage shows. Even though our children have been to Disney World numerous times, there are still several attractions they have NEVER taken in. Take a look at the list of attractions our kids have yet to experience and why at Disney’s Magic Kingdom:

The Hall of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents is found in Liberty Square. The Hall of Presidents is a 25 minute show featuring animatronics and film. The history of the US presidents are highlighted over the course of the show. Even though this attraction is open for guests of all heights, our children are still too young to sit quietly through the course of this attraction. Once all three of our children are 5 and up, we will be sure to take in this attraction.

Frontierland Shootin Arcade

This fun carnival style game is set up in Frontierland. Guests pay a fee to pick up a gun and fire at the targets. Even though our kids have been young when we’ve visited Disney World, I think they could still participate and enjoy this arcade game with the help of an adult. The only reason they haven’t stopped to do this yet is because of lack of time.

Splash Mountain

Of our three children, only one has been able to go on Splash Mountain. This isn’t because of the height requirement, it’s because it is always down for refurbishment when we find ourselves at Disney World. Our last couple of visits have been in January, when the ride has been closed. This has ensured our kids are missing out on this popular attraction.

Haunted Mansion

On our daughter’s first visit to Disney World, we took her on the Haunted Mansion. As always happens with this ride, the doombuggy (the ride’s cart) stopped partway through the ride. It just so happened to stop in front of the graveyard scene with a head popping up at us, over and over again. After this experience we decided we would wait until the rest of our kids were a little older before embarking on this attraction again.

Liberty Square Riverboat

This beautiful boat tours around Tom Sawyers Island. The Riverboat has three levels and is the perfect spot to take a break from the chaos of a busy park day. The boat ride lasts approximately 17 minutes. You need to time getting on this attraction just right. Because of the length of the ride, it only boards guests at certain times of the day. So you need to be in that area of the park at the right time and make sure that riding the boat doesn’t conflict with any of your other plans for the day. And that just hasn’t happened for us yet.

Tom Sawyer Island

This island is accessible by boat, the boat launch is located close to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The island is filled with re-creations of Tom Sawyer’s many adventures. A log cabin, caves, a mine, the perfect spot for young ones to run around and discover. This will definitely be on our list for our next trip, and I’ll be sure to read the book to our kids leading up to our trip to give them some context.

Each trip we skip some attractions, because we know there’s no way to get in each and every one. So we put together a list of must do’s, attractions that we HAVE to do. Whatever other ones we get in are a bonus. I may put Tom Sawyer’s Island on my list of must do’s for our next trip to make it happen.

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