Disney World Movies Under the Stars

Walt Disney World is so much more than the 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and their shopping district: Disney Springs. With over 30 resorts found on their property, Walt Disney World is home to plenty of activities beyond what you see in commercials. These resorts found on Disney World property, and owned by Disney, host events daily to keep you and your family entertained on the days or parts of the days you choose to stay back from the parks. These events and activities are run by resort cast members and have either no cost or a very small cost. One of these activities is Movies Under the Stars and it is found each and every night, at each and every Disney resort.

A blow up screen is placed outside and guests can sit and watch one of their favourite Disney films. The time of day this event takes place is dependent on the time of year. Going during the summer? Your movies will be later. Going during the winter? Your movies will be earlier. The movie changes each evening and you can find out which film is being played by checking your activities calendar you were given upon arrival.

This event does not get cancelled because of the weather, it simply gets moved to an indoor location. Some of these events are sponsored by Pop-Secret and you’ll receive bags of popcorn to enjoy while watching your film. Not all movies are appropriate for all ages. The rating is provided under the title of your resort’s activity sheet.

Check your resort’s map for the specific location at your resort. We’ve participated in this event a few times. Twice inside and once outside. We’ve watched Meet The Robinsons, Tarzan and Cars 3. It’s a really fun way to end off any day at Walt Disney World.

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