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Disney Vacation Club: Point System

When first purchasing or even looking at Disney Vacation Club it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. What you purchase is a certain number of points for every year of your contract. For example, 100 points per year or 300 points per year. These points never change. You will receive the same number of points every year for the length of your contract. Whether that’s 50 years, 48 years or less if you purchase through a third party. What fluctuates is the point value of the accommodations. To better understand the system there’s a couple things to wrap your head around.

Styles of Rooms

There are a variety of room styles at each Vacation Club resort, the larger the room the more points it’s going to cost you. Room styles range from Deluxe Studios to Two Bedroom Villas. There are also stand alone units such as Bungalows and Treehouses. There’s also the option of staying at a regular room at any resort on property. The basic rule is the bigger the accommodation the more points. The exception to the rule is regular resort rooms. These actually cost more points because you are drawing from Disney’s pool of accommodations set aside for guests.

Views and Buildings

Each resort has a standard room and then it can have one or two or three different views. The better the view the more the points. At Boardwalk Villas there are standard view rooms and Boardwalk/Preferred View rooms or at the Grand Floridian you have the choice between Standard View and Lake View. At the larger resorts the rooms that are closer to the main buildings hold a higher point value as well.

Time of Year

There are five seasons throughout the year. Adventure Season, Choice Season, Dream Season, Magic Season and Premier Season. Each season costs more and more points beginning with Adventure Season and ending with Premier Season. Now this is not the standard January to March is Adventure Season, September to November is Choice Season. They chunk together dates that apply to each category based on busyness. For example, the whole month of January falls into the Adventure Season, May 1st-June 10th are a part of the Dream Season and March 25th-April 7th make up a part of the Premier Season. If you are staying during Adventure season your accommodation will cost less points and they will cost more points if you’re staying during Premier Season.


Just as if you were using dollars, the more deluxe resorts cost more points. Rooms at Old Key West Resort cost less points than a room at the Grand Floridian.

With all these things in mind, you can purchase a package that has a small amount of points and still have a week long vacation but it will be during Adventure or Choice Season in a Deluxe room at Saratoga Springs or Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you purchase a package with a large amount of points you can go at a very busy time of the year, stay in a two room villa at Bay Lake Tower. The amount of points you receive from year to year never changes. Think of points as dollars. You have 100 dollars, you can spend a 100 dollars on a room. You have 100 points, you can spend 100 points on a room. A room at the Beach Club Resort is more expensive than a room at Wilderness Lodge, therefore a room at the Beach Club is going to cost more points than a room at the Wilderness Lodge.

Depending on how many points you purchase, the style of room you want to stay in and what time of year you vacation you can see your points get used up very quickly or stretch. It all depends on your wants and needs. The beauty of the system is you do have plenty of choice and opportunity. You can stay at the same resort every year at the same time of year, or you can mix it up and try some place new places at a time of year you would have never thought of vacationing. It’s all in your hands. Happy Planning Friends.

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