Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club: Annual Dues

If you’re thinking about purchasing a time share with Disney Vacation Club there is a lot to research. What properties are available for purchase, which one you should buy and make your home resort, how many points you want and so on and so forth. When you’re making a decision as to what package is going to work best for you and your family, factor in the Annual Dues as well. Annual Dues are a fee you will receive at the end of the calendar year. These dues go towards property maintenance, operating fees and property taxes. It’s all based on which property is your home resort and how many points you have. This is a cost you will have as long as you are members of Disney Vacation Club. It’s not a payment towards purchasing your property, think of it as a condo fee. When we were making our purchase we knew that this was going to be an additional expense to add to our budget but we thought of it as an investment. An investment towards a lifetime of vacations. Because, it’s easy to SAY you’re going to put aside money monthly to save up for that cruise or that trip to NYC but before you know it, those fund get eaten up by hockey registration, water bills, new sneakers for the kids. Then you find years begin to pass and vacationing feels like a pipe dream. With the annual dues, we HAVE to pay it. It is a bill we must pay, and by paying it we get to vacation at Walt Disney World or at any RCI resort every single year. It’s an adjustment we were willing to make. The annual dues fluctuate from year to year but it is safe to say that the more points you have the more expense they will be. If your making your decision based on cost then be sure to compare the dues from property to property, if you’re deciding between two places then maybe this will sway you from one to the other. Just remember the dues will always be there, yes the numbers will fluctuate but only slightly. You will be paying these fees long after your contract is paid for. I hope this helps you in your decision making process.