Dining Plan: Refillable Mugs

When you’re staying at one of the Disney World Resorts, you have the option to add a dining plan to your vacation package. There are three dining plans to choose from: Quick-Service Dining Plan, Disney Dining Plan or Deluxe Dining Plan. Each of the plans give you meal credits and each one comes with a refillable mug for each guest on the dining plan. What are these mugs? What is the value of these mugs? Where can you refill said mugs and what can they be refilled with? So many questions for theses infamous mugs.

These refillable mugs are plastic mugs. They have a handle, a cover and a picture of Mickey and the gang on them. The image changes, so those that vacation on a yearly basis will receive a different mug for each of their visits. The mug itself is the same but you can choose from a variety of top colours. Green, blue, pink, purple and red are the normal choices. Giving you a different color for each member of your party. These mugs do not keeps drinks cold or warm. The top does have a sliding cover, so you can keep your drink from spilling. These mugs are available at resort gift shops and resort quick-service dining locations. When you’re on the dining plan, head to your nearest quick-service or shop to redeem your mug. In my experience they are very generous with these mugs. We’ve lost one or two in the past, on our vacation, by simply heading to the front desk and informing a cast member that we’ve lost said mug, we’ve been given another.

These mugs are available to all guests. They either be purchased for a one day use, two day use, three day use or length of stay. For the length of stay the cost is 18.99, which is the value added to the mug on your dining plan. Because your mug is able to be used for the length of your stay.

These mugs can be refilled at resorts, not in the parks and not at the water parks. Of course they can be refilled with water, which there is ample water fountains found at each of the parks. There are refill stations found at resort pools and at quick-service restaurants. These stations have a variety of sodas, juices, lemonade, iced tea, coffee (decaf and sometimes iced). There are some drinks that are found at each of these station, whereas others are only found at certain resorts. Like our favourite raspberry lemonade. Now you can refill your mug at other resorts. So if you’re pool hopping or wandering around another resort, you can fill up your mug at one of their refill stations.

During our Disney vacations, we fill these up again and again on our pool days and fill them up with coffee on park days. Because these mugs don’t seal very well, we make sure to rinse them out and dry them out before storing them in our backpacks for the day. I don’t think I would ever buy one of these mugs without being on the dining plan. But I’m not a soda person. I’m a water person, so drinking water throughout the day fulfills my needs. If you’re someone whose drink needs include fountain pop then purchasing one of these mugs may be a gapped investment for you and yours. It’s certainly cheaper than buying bottle beverages all day.

The refillable mugs are likely not going to be your deciding factor on whether or not to purchase a dining plan, but they are certainly an added value. For more posts on the dining plans offered at Walt Disney World, check out these previous posts:

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