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Characters at Hollywood Studios

Meeting characters at Walt Disney World is a must on many guests’ lists. Unfortunately not every character is found at each and every park. Today’s post is going to look at which characters can be found at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios and where exactly you can find them.


Found in Animation Courtyard, meet BB-8 on a rebel ship. He is a character that can not give you his autograph but you can certainly take a memorable picture with him. His up on a stand, the perfect height for pictures with guests of any size. This meet and greet is found at Star Wars Launch Bay among the three other Star Wars meet and greets. Unfortunately there is no FastPass available for thus character meet and greet. You can meet BB-8 from park open until park close.

Buzz Lightyear

Meet Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story Land. This meet and greet is open from park open until park close and located beside the Toy Story Mania Entrance. Here you can meet Buzz, Woody and Jessie.


Meet this famous Wookie at Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars Launch Bay. This larger than life character will converse with guests and take a great photo. Chewbacca won’t be able to sign your autograph book. This meet and greet location is inside, a great spot to spend some time on a rainy day at Hollywood Studios. He is extremely large, and may intimidate some younger visitors. This meet and greet is open from park open until park close.

Cruz Ramirez

Find the newest Cars character at Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy off of Sunset Blvd, just past Rock n Roller Coaster. This meet and greet is outside and of course Cruz is unable to give you an autograph.

Daisy Duck

During the day Daisy Duck will be at the entrance of Hollywood Studios by Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-Kind Shop. She’ll be paired closely with Donald Duck. Grab a picture and an autograph after doing some shopping at the shops along Hollywood Blvd. Here you can expect to find her in her pink dress and purple bow.

Donald Duck

From 8:15am until 11:45 and then 12:45 until 3:15 you’ll be able to meet Donald Duck in his classic sailors outfit just past the entrance of Hollywood Studios. It’s not a very busy spot because most people want to just get into the park. So it’s a great location to meet Donald, especially since he’s in that famous attire.

Fancy Nancy

Meet Fancy Nancy in Animation Courtyard throughout the day. Her meet and greet area is in front of the Disney Junior Dance Party. She appears in this area from 9:30am until 6:30pm.


Find Goofy sporadically throughout the afternoon in Hollywood Studios. Right around Star Tours and Sci-Fine Drive In, you’ll find Goofy taking pictures and signing autographs. He’ll be accompanied by a cast member but he’s not sheltered and neither is the line. He’s wearing his standard uniform: blue pants, orange shirt and green hat. If you happen to be in this area in the afternoon grabbing a showing of Muppets 3D or meeting Olaf you may want to sneak a picture in with this goof. Grand Avenue is found at the back of Hollywood Studios past Star Tours before Muppet Vision 3D. You can expect to find Goofy here between 1pm and 4pm. 

The Incredibles

At the very end of Pixar Place meet Mr Incredible, Mrs Incredible and Frozone. You can find these three superheroes from 10:30am until 6:30pm.


Meet Jessie beside the entrance of Toy Story Mania! in Toy Story Land. You’ll be able to meet her from park open until park close along with Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

Kylo Ren

Meet the new Darth Lord at Star Wars Launch Bay. Kylo Ren is wearing his mask and his dark uniform. He’ll interact with guests as they greet him on his imperial ship. No signatures are given at this meet and greet.

Mickey Mouse

Meet Mickey Mouse dressed as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. This meet and great location is fairly popular with a normal wait time of 40-60 minutes. It’s located on Commissary Lane. To get to Commissary Lane approach the Chinese Theatre from the entrance and then head left. You will see billboards of ABC studios tv shows and there it will appear. You also get to meet Minnie Mouse at this location.

Mike Wazowski

At the exit of Walt Disney Presents, a museum with upcoming Disney World projects and memorabilia of Walt Disney’s life, you can meet the two stars of Monsters Inc and Monsters University. Mike Wazowski and Sully appear here from 10am until 6pm.

Minnie Mouse

Get your picture taken with Minnie Mouse dressed in a gown ready to make her debut. At this meet and greet, located at Commissary Lane, you will meet Minnie and Mickey. This location does not have a fastpass. Hollywood Studios has minimal amounts of things to do at this time, making this character spot more popular than EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom. To get to Commissary Lane approach the Chinese Theatre from the entrance and then head left. You will see billboards of ABC studios TV shows and there it will appear.


Olaf has many warm hugs to give at this character meet and greet. Olaf is found in his tropical oasis. With sand, an umbrella and a cool drink for when he gets thirsty. At this character meet and greet you can expect Olaf to be larger than life. If your kids have not seen Olaf already in Mickey’s Friendship Faire, the stage show at the Magic Kingdom, then they may be very surprised to find him to be close to 5 feet tall. Not quite the small little snowman sidekick from the film. Olaf unfortunately can’t give autographs so the only thing you’ll get as a memento is a picture either from your Memory Maker package or from your personal camera or phone. When we met Olaf, the line didn’t seem very long but the wait certainly was. They let guests take their time interacting with Olaf and therefore the speed of the line is slow. So if this meet and greet is a high priority for you head there first thing or later in the day. The meet and greet is open from park open until park close. You can find this character experience location on the eastern side of the park, across from the Backlot Express.


Periodically throughout the afternoon, Pluto can be found along with his buddy Goofy in Grand Avenue. Grand Avenue is the area by Muppets 3D. Pluto and Goofy show up in this area in the afternoon at Hollywood Studios. There’s no clear location, so you can’t really line up ahead of time but just keep your eyes peeled.

Sofia the First

Meet this Disney Junior princess in Animation Courtyard. She meets guests in front of the Disney Junior Dance Party from 9:30am until 6:30pm. This meet and greet is conveniently covered giving you a break from the sun.


This monster is ready to meet you and your fellow guests at the exit of the Walt Disney Presents attraction. This attraction is a museum that highlights Walt’s many achievements as well as future Disney World projects. This meet and greet is open from 10am until 6pm.


Meet Vampirina alongside Sofia the First and Fancy Nancy. Vampirina meets guests from 9:30am until 6:30pm. You can find her in the Animation Courtyard in front of the Disney Junior Dance Party.


Meet Woody along with Jessie and Buzz in Toy Story Land. Found right beside the entrance to Toy Story Mania, Woody is ready to grab a picture with you and sign your autograph book. This is the only place you can meet Woody in all of Walt Disney World. You can meet him from park open until park close. No FastPasses available for this one.

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