Canceling Your Disney World Vacation

Should you or shouldn’t you cancel your upcoming Disney World vacation? If you plan on heading to Disney World in April or May, I would suggest moving your plans to a later date.. By doing this now you can rearrange your plans with lots of time. Instead of having things changed for you. The longer you wait to move your plans around, the less availability there will be. There are a number of cancelation policies in place but this situation goes beyond what normal policies cover so here’s a look at the current information about cancelations that can affect your current and future plans.


As of right now, the Disney World website says if you have tickets purchased for the dates of the closures, the tickets will be good until the end of the year. If you can not go to Disney World in this calendar year than they can be adjusted to next year, 2021. If you had tickets to specific events, such as After Hours events, these tickets will automatically be refunded.

Vacation Packages and Rooms

Any vacation packages and room reservations from now until the end of June can be cancelled or changed without any charge. I would recommend changing your dates to the fall or winter, because we really have no idea of what is ahead with this outbreak.

Dining Reservations

All dining reservations made for the remaining days of March have been cancelled with no cancellation fee. But all other plans are right now in place. If you booked something that had a charge to it, like any of the locations listed in this post you will automatically refunded. Now if you were able to grab some hard to get reservations by making your bookings 180 days ahead, you won’t be able to move those reservations unless they are available. So if you change your vacation to Fall or Winter you’ll be more likely to get those popular reservations.

You need to make a decision that you feel most comfortable. Whether you’re concerned about the unknown economic situation, or the health of your family. No vacation is worth sacrificing your financial security or your families well being. Disney World is not going anywhere. So whether you postpone your trip a month, 6 months, 3 years, Disney World will be there when you decide you can make a vacation work. Happy Planning, Friends.