Best Trip Tips: Merchandise

Disney has done an awesome job of carrying exclusive merchandise at Disney Parks. Many of the things you find on the shelves of any given store is only found on site. You can find a few select items at the Parks section of the Disney store’s website, but generally speaking if you find something you like you will not be able to find it anywhere else.

Another unique thing about their merchandise is you can’t find all the same products across Walt Disney World property. There are many pieces unique to that particular park or even that particular store. I found this out the hard way.

After meeting Mickey Mouse, at Town Square in the Magic Kingdom, we were perusing the shop Curtain Call Collectables. I saw a set of blocks made by Melissa and Doug that had characters on one side of blocks, a puzzle on another, numbers on the next, letters on another. It was really unique and looked durable. I thought to myself, I’ll come across that somewhere else, I don’t want to buy that now and carry it all around the park. After that day I did not see it anywhere else. I should have bought it then and there and used the purchase delivery service (if you’re staying on site they will bring your purchased merchandise to your resort). If you’re like me and you saw something that you like and can’t find it ask a Cast Member, they can look on their system and find out where that product is located.

Again, this can be tricky because maybe they only carry it at Club Cool in Epcot and you’re not going back there. So the resolution is, if you find something you like, purchase it. You can always return it to your resorts gift shop.

If a cast member tells you there’s an item at a particular shop and you can’t find it at that shop, ask. On our last trip I was directed to the Hundred Acres Goods shop for a train I wanted to buy my son. I looked all over this small shop and couldn’t find it. I finally asked someone and they had it out back! The inventory at Disney does not lie. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, that’s what the Cast Members are there for. And they have the technology to help you find what you are looking for.

Happy Shopping.

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