Trip Chronicles

Arrival Day at Disney World 2020

Arrival days can look different for every vacationer. Some arrival days begin very early whereas others are late into the night. We have arrived at Disney World at a variety of times over the last number of years. Some years we’ve arrived mid morning, having woken up at 3am to catch the earliest flight out. Other years, like this year, we’ve arrived late into the evening. Getting in past our littles bed time.

The times we’ve arrived mid day, we’ve spent the day going to Disney Springs, swimming at the resort pool, wandering around our resort, dining at another resort. These are the things we had planned for the vacation we just returned from. Our first day was going to be filled with renting a car and heading to the character warehouse, dining at Chef Mickey’s, getting familiar with our resort and settled in for our vacation. Unfortunately, due to weather, our flight was cancelled and our trip was delayed by one day. This pushed our itinerary forward a day, making our first day of our trip a visit to Epcot. In my opinion this is not ideal for three reasons:

  1. We started our trip exhausted.

We arrived at our resort around 8pm. By the time we got to our room, got everyone’s teeth brushed and pyjamas on, it was close to 9pm. Everyone fell asleep easily but it made for a rough start for the following day. And therefore for the remainder of our vacation.

2. No shopping time.

Our first day was supposed to be relaxing, getting settled and doing some preliminary shopping. Now, we normally would have had time for other shopping during our vacation, but now that our kids are so much taller there were so many more rides to ride this trip. Being there for runDisney events also ate into our normal shopping time.

3. Nighttime entertainment.

Starting out the trip so tired made it very difficult for us to take in nighttime entertainment. The only nighttime show we ended up taking in was Happily Ever After. We had intended to take in Epcot Forever and Fantasmic! but the kids, and us included, just couldn’t make it to the close of the night.

It did make me grateful that we had planned a non-park day for that first leg of our trip because otherwise we would have missed out on planned and reserved FastPasses and dining reservations. Stay tuned for more details on our last vacation and learn from our hits and misses.