A Family of 5’s Day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Today’s going to be the final recap of our Walt Disney World vacation. We went to Disney World at the beginning of January. We went to participate in the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. We did 6 parks days, two of which were Hollywood Studios and another two were spent at Epcot. The other two days were spent at Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. For our Magic Kingdom day we were with our whole family: my husband and our three kids, his mom, brother and his wife and two kids. There was a total of 10 of us. We had plans to ride Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and we knew we would be staying for the fireworks. The only day we stayed until the end of the park day. Our FastPasses were for Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Jungle Cruise.

The park opened at 9am but we had breakfast reservations at Be Our Guest for 8:05am. We had done this on our last vacation, grabbed an early reservation at this quick-service restaurant in Fantasyland, getting us into the Magic Kingdom before the park even opened. Apparently the secret was out. The line to just order was hundreds of people deep. I went into the restaurant and grabbed a table while Jeff waited in line to order. The kids and I explored the beautiful restaurant while we tried to wait patiently. Once Jeff ordered we grabbed our cutlery and anticipated our food to arrive shortly. It did not. We waited close to 20 minutes for our food. Not quick-service to say the least. And once we got our food it was barely warm. Eating here is beautiful and all of our previous experiences have been stupendous but this time it was not the great start to our day we were hoping for.

We spent the morning in Fantasyland, riding the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, the Carrousel, Dumbo, The Barnstormer. One of the great things about Fantasyland is the majority of the rides have no height requirement. This means our whole family was able to enjoy them together. Jeff and his mom took our older kids over to the Mad Tea Party while I walked our youngest around my favourite store Big Top Souvenirs to ensure his stroller nap. I love this store, there’s items here you won’t find anywhere else on property and they sell delicious snacks. I picked up the kids a Rice Krispies Square treat to have after they conquered Space Mountain as a bit of a reward and enticer.

We met Jeff’s brother and their family at Space Mountain so we could all go on the ride together. Jeff’s mom watched our youngest for us while we took all the kids on Space Mountain. The seats on the ride are one in front of the other. Three seats to a ship. So we strategically placed each other to make sure we were behind the kids that were younger and more scared. Our kids are 5 and 7, our niece and nephew are 8 and 10. They were all nervous/excited. The whole ride I sat behind my daughter with my arms draped over top of her and the whole time she kept asking, is it almost over? And of course once it was over she was thrilled with the ride.

We sped off to our youngest’s first haircut at Harmony’s Barber Shop. This little barber shop is found on Main Street U.S.A. Each of our kids have gotten their first haircut here, all by the same person. Our older two were perfectly content to have their haircut, our youngest fella, not so much. As soon as the stylist came up with the scissors he started to bawl. He cried the whole haircut no matter what we tried to give him to appease him. It was one of those moments that I felt so bad for him but it was just too funny. An awesome memory that we’ll be sharing for years to come.

Casey’s Corner was our destination for lunch. Hot Dogs for kids and I scooted over to Sleepy Hollow to grab a strawberry covered waffle. Conveniently, when the meals were done the stage show was just beginning in front of Cinderella’s Castle. A great show featuring Rapunzel, Tiana, Elsa and Anna, singing all of our favourite tunes. We all stood together, all 10 of us, and watched the performers dance and the magic take hold. Those are some of my favourite moments from Disney vacations. The times you stop and enjoy a moment with those you love.

With the parade about an hour and a half away we decided to head to Mickey’s Phillarmagic. I don’t think we miss this attraction any of our visits, the attraction is a 3D film that highlights musical numbers from many of the Disney classics, including Aladdin, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast. We then thought we had time to fit in a ride of it’s a small world. The wait time said 40 minutes, it ended up being closer to an hour. Luckily, Jeff had offered to grab a spot to watch the parade in our favourite viewing spot. So once we disembarked from it’s a small world. We motored to our saved spots just in time for the parade to ride by. For where we always watch the Festival of Fantasy parade click here. This parade never ceases to amaze me. The costumes, the makeup, the music, it’s all so seamless, colourful and entertaining.

With the rest of the afternoon ahead of us we made our way to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to ride the big rollercoaster. Because we had our littlest one with us, we took advantage of the rider switch pass. 8 of us rode together, while Jeff hung back with our littlest. Jeff then rode with our two kids and our nephew after we finished our ride. As we were making our way through the FastPass line, our middle son Lincoln started to get very nervous. He said he would not be going on the ride. I picked him up and carried him all the way to the final stages of the line. He started crying, a few days earlier he had opted to not go on the Millennium Falcon ride at Hollywood Studios because he got too scared. He later regretted his decision. So I didn’t want him to regret not going on this awesome ride. I was able to calm him down enough to get him on the ride, after the ride got out into the open air he started to enjoy himself and he ended up loving it. Although, as soon as we got off the ride he started to cry again. He was upset because he didn’t think he was going to go again.

It was off to our final FastPass Jungle Cruise. This was a great ride for us because we were all able to go on this together. It’s not an exciting ride, a small boat ride with animals popping in and out of the water. But it does have a long line at the end of the park day, making it a great choice for a FastPass. When we scanned our bands for this FastPass we checked to see what other FastPasses were available for the rest of the day and there were some for Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. So we all got FastPasses for this ride, another we could all do together. By this point we knew we were going to need to get some supper before the kids became hangry. We used the Mobile Order for Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, the quick-service restaurant found in Tomorrowland. As we walked in front of Cinderella’s Castle on our way to the restaurant Lincoln stopped me. I kneeled down to ask him what he needed and he grabbed my hand. I repeated myself, and then he put his arm around me and started to dance with me. You never know when those little ones are going to do something that melts your heart. We arrived at Cosmic Ray’s and our food was ready and waiting for us. I love Mobile Ordering!! Because it was still early, the place was empty. We sat near the alien keyboardist so the kids could stay entertained while we all ate. They even took the opportunity to dance around while our youngest was finishing his meal.

Our Buzz Lightyear FastPass was for 7ish, so we took a look at what else we may want to do and what the wait times were like. We decided to head to Enchanted Tales with Belle. This is a character experience and attraction all in one. Guests goes through Belle’s cottage and are magically transported to the castle the day Belle and the Beast dine and dance together. The children in the group as selected to participate in the retelling of Belle’s tale. Lincoln was selected to be the Beast and our daughter MacKenzie was chosen to be Mrs Potts. This meant that Lincoln got to dance with Belle at the end of the whole experience. It was unforgettable. The look on his face as he danced with her was a look of true love. He even bowed to her when they finished their waltz.

We hopped on the Little Mermaid ride before heading to Tomorrowland for our FastPass at Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. I am so thankful we got on this ride because this was something Lincoln had really wanted to get on but the line had been too long earlier in the day. A reminder to check those FastPasses once you’ve used up all your first three. Darkness had set in, we went down Main Street U.S.A. to claim our spot for the fireworks. We opted to head all the way to the end of Main Street U.S.A. to be closer to the exit. As always, Happily Ever After, the fireworks show, did not disappoint. The music with the choreographed fireworks always brings tears to my eyes. It features songs from films decades old and current favourites, with a combination of small and colourful fireworks, with robust sequential fireworks. It was the cherry on top of a truly magical day. It’s hard to imagine a trip that will not include a visit to the Magic Kingdom. It still remains my favourite places at Walt Disney World. Happy Planning, Friends.