Disney Vacation Club

7 Things To Know Before Buying Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club is a Disney time-share company. DVC has properties all over America, some on Disney World property, others found at incredible vacation spots. For a full list of their resorts click here. Before becoming DVC members here are 7 things you should know.

Annual Dues

Every year Disney Vacation Club members must pay annual dues. These come due in January. The amount that’s due is based on the amount of points you carry at your home resort, and where your home resort is. Some home resorts have larger annual dues than others. When purchasing your Disney Vacation Club contract annual dues is something to consider. The paperwork shown to tallying the cost of each contract based on resort will have a column for annual dues. Be sure to take a close look at this because although the difference in point cost may be not be significant between two resorts, the annual dues may be. The annual dues are used for the yearly upkeep of the resort. Each year they steadily increase. For more on annual dues click here.

Home Resort

The Disney Vacation Club contract you purchase is attached to a particular resort, this is called your home resort. Your home resort is where you have actually purchased, but it does not mean that is where you have to stay. You can book a stay at your home resort months before booking a stay at any other resort. A stay at your home resort can be book 11 months ahead of time, where as any other resort can only be booked 7 months ahead. Even if a resort is your home resort does not mean that you will be guaranteed a stay there. Some of the resorts are very small, Grand Floridian for example and Polynesian Village. The rooms get booked up very quickly even if you are ready to book the morning your booking windows opens. More on home resorts click here.

Point System

Each Disney Vacation Club contract is giving an allotment of yearly points. These points can be used for stays at any of the DVC resorts, Disney Cruise Lines, Disney Adventures, non-DVC resorts found around the globe and RCI resorts. Not all resort have the same point value, neither does every room. The bigger the room the higher the point cost. The nicer the resort the higher the point cost. Busier times of year will have a higher point cost, and slower times of year will have a smaller point cost. Points can be carried over from one year to another, this is called banking points. Points can be used from upcoming years, this is called borrowing points. This flexible system allows guests to stay for longer, in a bigger room or at a busier time of year. For more on the Disney Vacation Club point system click here.


As mentioned above, DVC members can book their home resorts 11 months ahead of time. This is a great advantage, as non-DVC members can book vacations to Disney World 10 months ahead. Also mentioned above, members aren’t limited to staying at their home resort. Guests can stay at a multitude of resorts. On our first vacation as DVC members we were travelling to Disneyland California. There were no rooms in the DVC resort, Disney’s Californian Resort, so we were able to use our points to stay at the Disneyland hotel. Guests can book using the DVC website or by phone. Adjustments can be made easily on the DVC website if your plans change as your vacation approaches. For more on booking a DVC vacation click here.


There are many benefits offered to DVC members. Discounts on park merchandise, special ticket offers, free park member nights, discounts on food, access to member only areas. There are several DVC parties offered throughout the year to celebrate special occasions: Christmas, Independence Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween. These are special ticketed events that need to be purchased ahead of time and sell out very quickly. For more on the benefits of being a DVC member click here.


Disney Vacation Club contracts can be purchased through resale companies. These typically are purchased at a reduced rate. They also have contracts available for properties not currently being sold through Disney Vacation Club directly. Disney Vacation Club typically only has for sale the newer properties, some times they will sell older properties but normally they are selling the newer properties that have not been totally sold yet. Buying through resale can give you access to buying a piece of your favourite resort, like the Beach Club resort or Old Key West or Bay Lake Tower. Members who purchase through a 3rd party do miss out on some of the benefits offered to members who purchase directly from Disney Vacation Club. For more on that click here.

Length of Contract

The brand new contracts that Disney Vacation Club are selling are for 50 years. But you can ask to look at older contracts. These contracts will be less expensive and will be a shorter contract. This can cut down on the overall cost. The contract can be for 45 years, or 48 years. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things and can help taking down that big ticket price.

We have been DVC members for 9 years now and have enjoyed 7 amazing vacations. We can’t wait to get back and make up for lost time once the pandemic has slowed to a crawl. But until then, we will continue to dream of where we’ll stay, where we’ll eat, and what we’ll do. Happy Planning, Friends.