7 Things to do When Your Flight is Canceled

Flights can be canceled for all kinds of reasons: weather, planes malfunctioning, pilots working over their hours, Corona Virus. Whatever the reason, when a flight is canceled hundreds of people are all in the same boat. Everyone wants to go somewhere and now has to find an alternative route. So here are the 7 things you should do when your flight is canceled.

  1. Book a Hotel

You very well could get out hours after you were originally supposed to get out but that’s not a certainty. As soon as you think your flight MAY be canceled, book a nearby hotel. Hotels generally have a good cancelation policy and will allow you until 6pm to cancel your room with minimal charge. The minimal charge is well worth the certainty that you’ll have a place to sleep that night. On our last vacation, all the flights were canceled due to weather and hundreds of people ended up having to sleep at the airport. Not the airport hotel, the airport itself. On chairs, the floor, wherever they could find an empty space. No Thank You.

2. Book Another Flight

Once you know you have someplace to rest your head if need be, set about the task of booking a new flight. You can do this with local agents or get on the phone. Or better yet, do both. Do not leave the airport without having this resolved, you could be on the phone for hours or accidentally get hung up on. If you are in a physical line, they have to deal with your request eventually. Try to deal with the agent at your gate if you’ve gotten that far. This line should be smaller than the line at the arrival desk.

3. Call Your Destination

Call your destination to alert them that your plans have changed. This way they can adjust your reservations as need be and hopefully minimize the amount of money lost.

4. Find a Place to Eat

Whether at the airport or on the way to your hotel, find a place to eat before everyone else gets the same idea. Better yet, call and make a reservation someplace before the mad rush of people who are also in the same situation get to the restaurant. This way you should be eating a nice big meal to tide you over.

5. Call your people

Call the kennel, call your family, call your house sitter. Let all the people know, who need to know, your whereabouts and modifications to your trip. Especially if this means booking things for longer.

6. Look at your Whole Vacation

If you’ve booked a very short getaway, evaluate your choices. Maybe it’s no longer worth going on your vacation. Maybe you should change your location or cancel it all together. Take a wise look at the big picture and make modifications accordingly. Maybe you can add time to the end of your trip to make up for the lost day.

7. Make the Most of It

Any situation can be fun or bad depending on how you view it. Stuck at an airport that you weren’t expecting to be at, find a cool place to eat, buy a shirt from the gift shop to always remember this unexpected hiccup in your trip. Create a scavenger hunt while you’re stuck in the airport. Sit back, relax, read, play a game. Maybe it’s not what you expected but what you do with it can make it into a memorable experience.

Happy Planning, Friends.