Restaurant Review

50’s Prime Time Cafe

There’s not much I remember about vacationing at Walt Disney World from when I was young. My first trip was when I was 5, we stayed at the Beach Club Resort and spent time at each of the three theme parks. One of the things I do remember most from those early vacations was our visits to 50’s Prime Time Cafe. 50’s Prime Time Cafe is a table service restaurant found in the heart of Hollywood Studios. Of course, back then it was termed MGM Studios and the main focus of the park was the golden age of Hollywood which was around the 50’s.

50’s Prime Time Cafe puts diners in a kitchen setting, where you’ll be eating at your aunts, your uncles or your cousin’s table. The servers introduce themselves as your relatives and treat you as such. Not as a guest but as a “come on and do your part” expectation.

At most of the tables you’ll have a black and white TV, which shows old time favourites that some visitors at your table may have never even heard of before. Your server may pick on one of the members of your family and make sure you eat up all your vegetables before bringing out the dessert. It’s a very memorable experience, one that everyone should enjoy at some point during your Disney vacationing career.

The food here is delicious. It’s home cooking at its best. Which makes it a great choice for a group that has some picky eaters. On our last trip I had the pot roast, it melted in my mouth!

You’ll also find on the menu fried chicken, chicken pot pie, meatloaf, pork chops and a vegetarian lasagna. 50’s Prime Time also has a fantastic selection of cocktails, which is what you’d expect from a 50’s venue. Try a Long Island Iced Tea or a Mowie Wowie.

Or you can opt for milkshakes or floats. Be sure to save room for some favourite desserts: apple crisp a la mode, mom’s brownie, dad’s favourite chocolate-peanut butter layered cake.

If you’re dining on the dining plan, a meal here requires 1 table service meal credit. If you’re not, you are in luck because this is one of the least expensive table service restaurants on property. That’s because the menu items are so run of the mill. You’re not looking at prime rib or a NY strip loin. It’s a lot of home cooked favourites.

This is a popular spot to dine, so if you want to eat here with a group, say of 3 or more, at a traditional dining hour be sure to reserve ahead of time. 50’s Prime Time serves both lunch and dinner. Lunch is from 11am-3:15pm and dinner is from 3:45pm-8:00pm.

There are only 5 table service restaurants at Hollywood Studios, if you’re planning a family meal here then I would definitely choose between here and the Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre because they both have the most unique experiences. For other dining choices at Hollywood Studios take a look at this post on where you can have lunch at Hollywood Studios.

Happy Planning, Friends.