Disney Vacation Club

5 Reasons We Are Disney Vacation Club Members

Disney Vacation Club is Disney’s time share company. Disney Vacation Club members own a piece of a property located at Walt Disney World, Disneyland California, Vero Beach, Hilton Head or Hawaii. With this ownership comes yearly allotment of points to be used at any of the Disney Vacation Club properties for as long as your contract says. We became Disney Vacation Club members back in 2012, eight years later, we are still thrilled to be members and look forward to many years ahead of Disney magic. Taking the leap into membership can be a hard one to make, so here are five of the reasons we decided to become members of the Disney Vacation Club.


We spent our honeymoon at Walt Disney World. We got married in 2010 and one week after becoming man and wife, we vacationed at Disney World. We were fortunate enough to land an amazing, post economic downturn, deal that had us at the Grand Floridian for half of the price. After disembarking from the Magical Express, we were treated like royalty. Upgraded to the Concierge building, free desserts and drinks with all of our meals. Smiles and congratulations around every corner. It was this magical experience that had us dig into what Disney Vacation Club looked like and whether it would fit our dreams and goals.


When we researched DVC we realized we wanted to make vacationing as a couple, and as a family, a priority. Taking time away from our everyday existence to spend quality time together was something we wanted. By paying for the Disney Vacation Club we were putting our money where our mouth was. By paying for this membership we were committing to taking yearly vacations as a family. Maybe not to Disney every year but to somewhere using our DVC points. It’s stood true. Since our purchase in 2012 we’ve been to California once and Florida six times. That’s 7 vacations in 9 years, we took a year off here and there when we had brand new babies.


When you’re a Disney Vacation Club member you get to stay at some of the most impressive resorts at Walt Disney World. The 10 resorts that host Disney Vacation Club properties at Walt Disney World are beautiful. They are impeccably themed with stunning lobbies, immaculate grounds and top notch service. The rooms available to members are deluxe studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom villas, treehouse villas and bungalows. All are larger than your average hotel room. These accommodations are deluxe styled, with many amenities in the room to make guests feel at home. The villas have full working kitchens and laundry facilities in the room.


We are blessed to be close with our parents and our siblings. This has made us want to bring our extended families with us on our trips to Disney World. With Disney Vacation Club we can choose to stay in larger accommodations that can accommodate larger numbers without having to get more than one room. We’ve stayed in 1-bedroom villas a couple of times while we’ve had one of our moms with us on vacation. There’s been plenty of room for our family of 5, plus my mom or mother-in-law. It’s allowed us to share our favourite place with our favourite people.

Our Love of Disney

Yes we love vacationing, and getting time away from the normalcy of everyday life. But we really love Disney. We love Disney films, we love the Disney characters and we truly love spending time at Disney World. When we are on Disney World property it feels like an extension of home. We enjoy spending time at the resorts, dining at the different resort restaurants, exploring the parks. Over the last decade we have moved countless times and the one constant for our family has been our DVC membership. It truly has become a home for us. We go nuts over all the little Mickey details found in the rooms, we love interacting with the cast members, we love the care put into all levels of the resort. This enjoyment of Disney itself, made becoming members of Disney Vacation Club an easy decision.

Over the coming years, as the world will continue to evolve, and the needs of our family evolves, I feel confident that we’ll use our membership in ways we haven’t until now. Using our points for cruises, or finally heading to the Disney Vacation Club resort in Hawaii. The flexibility that we have with Disney Vacation Club will serve us well in these uncertain times.

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