5 Reasons to Pick a Stage Show for your FastPass

We’re entering a new year which means there are bound to be changes and modifications to the three dining plans and FastPass+. Each year there seems to be at least a minor change. For details on the 2020 dining plans click here. Many of the attractions found at Hollywood Studios have now been moved into the FastPass+ Experience category. In this category you can only select one for each day of your visit. This can make choosing two other FastPasses difficult. But have no fear, you can also choose character experiences and stage shows for these remaining FastPasses. For which character experiences have FastPass+ click here. For which stage shows have FastPass + click here.

Here are 5 reasons why you want to choose stage shows for a few of your FastPass+ selections:

  1. None are FastPass + Expereinces

None of the 7 stage shows with FastPass+ are considered a FastPass+ experience. This means they are not as popular a choice, so you will have an easy time getting the time selection you’d like.

2. Perfect for rain or shine

All of these stage shows have seating that are protected from the elements. Beauty and the Beast is outside, as is UP!, but the seating is still sheltered. Which means if it’s a sunny day you’ll be protected from the sun evil rays. If it’s a rainy day you won’t have to worry about getting wet. On a rainy day many guests flock to these shows, with a FastPass + for the show you won’t have to worry about not getting a seat.

3. Down Time

Walking around these four theme parks can do a number on even the most athletic and that’s not even taking into account the lines you’re standing in. Choosing one of these stage shows for a FastPass+ carves out time off of your feet. You’ll sit back and relax for at least 15 to 20 minutes, 45 in the case of Finding Nemo. By the time the show is over you’ll be ready once again to embark on more mileage.

4. Variety

Adding a stage show to your FastPass+ selection give you some variety to your day. Instead of plowing through attraction after attraction, give your senses a change of scenery.

5. Any Age or Height

Attractions have height requirements and let’s be honest, they’re not all suitable for every age. If you’re heading to the parks with kids of a wide variety of ages or you’re enjoying a multigenerational trip, a stage show is something everyone can do together. You can all sit together, especially if you’ve got FastPass reservations. If you don’t you might end up seating on different ends of a row, or different sides of the auditorium. These stage shows are a safe choice for the whole group.

We’ve added stage shows to our FastPass + selection for our upcoming vacation. For all of our choices check out this previous post here. Happy Planning, Friends.