5 Mistakes I Made Booking our FastPass+

FastPass+ is a fantastic offering to any guest visiting Disney Parks. Simply pay for tickets ahead of time and pick 3 FastPass+ for attractions, stage shows and character experiences at any of the 4 Disney Theme Parks. A FastPass+ will give you a shorter wait time for an attraction or character experience, and reserved seating for stages shows or nighttime entertainment. When I was recently booking our FastPass+ reservations for our upcoming vacation I made a few mistakes. Take a look and maybe you’ll learn from them to make your booking go seamlessly.

Checking Updated Information

Every year Disney World Parks makes changes and adjustments. This includes prices, offerings, rides and the FastPass offerings. Just because your favourite experience offered FastPass+ on your last vacation does not mean it will offer it again this vacation. In 2020, one of the biggest changes they made to FastPass+ offerings is bumping a couple Hollywood Studios attractions to the top tier. So instead of it just being the three Toy Story Land attractions in Hollywood Studios’ top tier, Rock’n’Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror were added. This drastically changed my plans for our Hollywood Studios days. Make sure when you’re doing your research that you are looking at up to date information.

Booking them with Kids around

Congratulations if you have children who can quietly occupy themselves while you are trying to get something done. My kids don’t quite have that skill. They can occupy themselves but they still like to carry a conversation. When I’m focusing on something I can’t talk at the same time. This leads to me getting extremely frustrated. Lesson learned, I should have thrown on an early morning tv show.


I put so much pressure on myself to make sure we have the best Disney vacation possible. Which let’s be honest, any trip to the most magical place on earth is the best. So when I’m booking these reservations, same goest for dining reservations, I get very anxious. I want to make sure I get the FastPass+ selections we want so we don’t have to wait for hours in line or forgo the attraction all together. Having the kids around while I’m booking the passes certainly adds to the level of stress. I don’t have a solution for this one. Deeper breaths perhaps.

Booking The Most Popular Attractions for our 1st Days

For this upcoming vacation we are visiting Hollywood Studios twice. Once at the beginning of our trip and once at the end. The first days of your vacation are going to have less FastPass+ plus available. That’s because the 1st days of your vacation are the last days of someone else’s. So the higher chance of getting the most popular FastPass+ reservations are the last days of your vacation. When I was recently booking our FastPass+ selections I was trying to get a reservation for Slinky Dog Dash, and there was none! I couldn’t believe it. 60 days out, at one of the quietest times of the year and there was still none available. I tried the last day of our trip and there was reservation times open for the whole day.

Using My Phone

You can book your FastPass+ reservations through the My Disney Experience app on your phone or tablet. When I first started making our reservations this time around I was using my phone. With such a small screen I found I couldn’t see all the details I wanted. I opened up our laptop and was able to have multiple screens open, cross referencing our dining reservations with the FastPass+ availability. Everyone has their own preference but using a laptop is certainly mine.

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