Height Requirement

44 inches at Disney World

Our 4 and a half year old was just measured this morning. Our trip to Walt Disney World is approaching, January 2020. So we’ve started planning our FastPasses and to plan them we need to know how tall our kids should be for our vacation. And our 4 and a half year is 43 and 1/2 inches, which means he should be 44 inches by January. This means there are many attractions he’ll be able to ride for the very first ride:

Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom

Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom

Mission: SPACE. Orange Mission.

I think we’ll put him on Space Mountain, but I think we’ll skip Mission: SPACE because of his motion sickness. Expedition Everest I also think may be a little too scary for him but maybe we’ll decide day of. There’s other FastPasses we’d want to book for our Animal Kingdom day anyways. But being 44 inches means that they can also ride all the rides for guests 32 inches and smaller, 35 inches and taller, 38 inches and taller and 40 inches and taller. To get the details on each of these height categories click the link. Be sure to look into the details of each of the attractions before you add them to your itinerary. Just because it’s deemed appropriate for the height of your child does not mean the content is appropriate for your child. There are attractions that are thrilling, like Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and DINOSAUR. So spend time making the right choices for the members of your party. Check out these previous post on height requirements at Walt Disney World:

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