Height Requirement

40″ Height Requirement at Hollywood Studios

40″ is a big threshold to break at Walt Disney World theme parks. Once kids have reached or surpassed this height there are quite a few more attractions they can go on. 40″ aligns pretty closely with 4 to 5 years of age, which times nicely with kids this age not needing that afternoon park nap so you’ll find you have more time to spend at the parks anyways. Today’s post is gong to focus on the attractions at Hollywood Studios for those 40″ and taller.

Hollywood Tower of Terror

Found at the end of Sunset blvd, Hollywood Tower of Terror is one of my favourite attractions at Walt Disney World. I can remember when it first opened and the film that was released on ABC as a preamble. There was so much hype with the addition of this ride to Hollywood Studios. The premise of the ride is the hotel is haunted by elevator passengers that rode it on a night of a terrible storm. The hotel was struck by lightning and the guests were never seen again, or were they. Before lining up for the actual ride, guests will be taken into the library where a Twilight Zone episode will tell the tale. This can be just as scary as the ride itself. When we rode with our 5 year old we brought her to the corner of the room and directed her attention away from the TV. The ride itself has guests on bench seating, belted in a service elevator. The elevator will take you on a bit of a tour of a couple of the floors before sending you stories high just to dropped over and over. This part of the ride is thrilling, the story and ghostly characters can be a little unnerving for little ones. We took MacKenzie on this once and that was enough for her.

Star Tours

The height requirement for this attraction really surprised me. I expected it to be around 35″ but alas it’s 40″ like so many of the attractions at Walt Disney World. For ideas on what to do with kids shorter who love Star Wars take a look at this previous post. Star Tours is found by BackLot Express. It’s right in front of here that they have the Jedi Trials which is for kids 4-12. Star Tours is a 3D simulator ride that has a variety of variations, making the ride different every time you ride it. With C3P0 as your unlikely pilot, guests are taken on an unexpected adventure to return a rebel alliance member safely to their crew. You’ll be jerked around throughout the attraction, you may find yourself hanging on to the handles provided for you along your seat. It’s a fun ride, a wonderful way to expose your child to Star Wars.

Now, don’t forget about all the other attractions that this sized guest can go on. Any attraction open to guests smaller than this are for all to enjoy. Also, Hollywood Studios is so much more than attractions, the entertainment both nighttime and the stage variety make Hollywood Studios a place to spend the whole day, if not two.

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