Height Requirement

40″ and Taller at Epcot

Epcot is the 2nd theme park to have opened at Walt Disney World. There are two areas of Epcot: Future World and World Showcase. Now if you haven’t been to Walt Disney World in the last 20 years, you may have the misconception that the theme park is filled with learning areas and not a lot of exciting rides. Well Friends, things have certainly changed, and will continue to change. There are currently three attractions that require guests to be at least 40″ to be able to ride. Which means they are thrilling and will get your heart racing. All of the attractions are found in Future World, which opens at 9am. Make sure to measure your kids before you leave for your vacation to make sure they meet this height requirement to avoid any disappoint upon arrival. For a gauge, 40 inches is approximately between the ages of 4 and 5. Even though your child reaches the height requirement does not mean they are ready to ride the attraction. Check the descriptions to ensure your child will enjoy the ride.

Future World East

Mission: SPACE. Green Mission

Mission: SPACE puts guests in a space training program. This attraction has two experiences. One is the Green Mission and the other is the Orange Mission. For the Green Mission, guests must be a minimum of 40″ and for the Orange Mission guests must be a minimum of 44″. So the Orange Mission is not for those in this height category. Guests will be put into a simulator with three other guests, each one having a job to do. This job is to push the buttons at the appropriate time to make the space shuttle do something. Smaller guests made need the help of an adult to press the button. On the ride you will have a restrain placed over your chest to keep you stable while the simulator spins. If you have a problem with being in small spaces then this is not the ride for you. This attraction has lost its appeal and is no longer busy. So I would recommend forgoing the FastPass for this attraction. 

Test Track

On our last vacation it blew me away how popular this attraction still is. I waited for close to an hour to ride this ride. We took advantage of the switch pass so that we all didn’t have to wait in line. This attraction has guests in a vehicle that is being tested. The car will be tested for its breaks, reaction to drastic temperatures and of course for speed. The ride is awesome, no wonder it’s still so popular. I would strongly recommend getting a FastPass for this one or taking advantage of the rider switch pass because there’s not much for kids to look at in the line, whereas another popular ride like Frozen Ever After has lots to look at and see.

Future World West

Soarin’ Around the World

This is my husband’s favourite ride in all of Disney World. On this attraction you will soar above some of the most famous places on earth, the Eiffel Tower, The Pyramids and of course Epcot. Guests will be strapped into their seats and then be lifted above the ground as the attraction simulates you parasailing around the world. Prepare to have your senses ignited, there will be breezes and smells that will make you feel you are truly in the area pictured. There’s nothing scary about this ride in context. The only thing to be aware of is height. If you’re someone who is scared of heights then I would forgo this attraction. Definitely grab a FastPass for this attraction or save it for a meal time to skip the large wait time.

So friends, those are the three attractions that guests 40 inches and taller can ride. Of course all the other attractions that have a height requirement smaller than 40 inches can also be enjoyed. Take a look at the previous post to find out which those are at Epcot. Also listed below are height requirement posts at other Disney theme parks.

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