40″ and taller. Animal Kingdom Edition

Animal Kingdom has alway been a favourite for our family since having kids. There is so much to do for all ages. You can fill a whole day at this park at every age level. You may even discover areas of the park you didn’t know existed because they are targeted at young children, Boneyard anyone? When guests are thinking of only checking out a couple parks I always suggest Animal Kingdom as a second choice to the Magic Kingdom because there is so much for each and every age and height. For a list of the attractions that are suitable for every height click here, for visitors 38″ and taller click here. The next height category is the 40″ group. This is going to be your age 4 to age 5 group. At the Animal Kingdom there is one attraction that is for guests 40″ and taller, and even though your young visitor is tall enough to ride this ride, does not mean that they can handle the content.


DINOSAUR is found in DinoLand, U.S.A. This ride has guests in a vehicle taking them back in time to the era of dinosaurs. The goal is to bring back a specific dinosaur before the astroid hits the earth. The ride gets very dark, very bumpy and there’s one point where a big T-Rex leans into the vehicle. It can be extremely scary. My sister didn’t even want to ride this ride as an adult. If your kid loves thrill rides and loves to be scared, then this may be the perfect attraction for them. If not, you may want to save it for when they are a little older even if they are tall enough to ride it.

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