Disney with Kids

4 Reasons to Take your Kids before they’re 10

Many people wonder what is the perfect age to take your kids to Walt Disney World. In my biased opinion, any age is the perfect age. But if you’re starting to contemplate when you’ll make the trek to the happiest place on earth then I would consider taking your family before your kids turn 10. There are a few reasons for this: one is the cost of park admission, two is the cost of the dining plan, third is the magic and lastly is suitability.

Park Admission

Park admission is broken into 2 categories: 3-9 and 10 +. (Which means children under 3 are free!) The base ticket price for one day admittance is $109 for those 10+. For a child it’s $104. Five dollars is not a big difference for one day. But when you’re purchasing tickets for a couple of children for a few days, the cost adds up. This price difference is true for all special events: Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. If you’re looking at all the costs small or big, then this will make a difference.

Dining Plan

The age brackets are the same for the dining plan as they are for the park tickets. Kids 10+ are considered adults on the dining plans. This means they’ll be ordering adult sized meals. So that’s a double whammy, if your child wants to order off of the children’s menu then you’ll be seeing a lose of your dining plan investment. If they’re not big eaters then you’ll see a lot of waste. The cost difference between a children’s dining plan and an adult dining plan is quite high. For the quick service plan there’s a difference of $28 per day, for the Disney Dining Plan there’s a difference of $48 per day and for the Deluxe Dining Plan there’s a difference of $72. So if you’re child is around that age 10 then maybe you skip the dining plan and pay out of pocket.


10, 11, 12. These are now considered the TWEEN years. I know for myself these years were awkward. Years where I tried to pretend I was too cool for many things. If your child is similar to this attitude than this could very well happen during a trip to Walt Disney World. Under the age of 10, the magic and fantasy can be reached with greater ease and less convincing. Once your child is 10 and older there’s more skepticism. Now of course this isn’t true of all children. Some kids jump all in no matter their age. But others do not. They may want to join in with the magic but they may hesitate. Heading to Disney World when your kids are younger give syou more difficulties with tantrums but more magic.


All of the special children’s activities found throughout Walt Disney World are targeted for children 4-12 for most. The kids on the higher echelon of this age group may be a little too old for these activities. Especially if they’re surrounded by kids on the lower end of things. These activities are Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios, Wonderland Tea Party at 1900 Park Fare, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Pirate & Pals Fireworks Desserts Voyage.

As I said, any age is a fantastic age to take your kids. Teens are able to run the parks on their own and able to enjoy the Epcot Festivals, nighttime parties and festivities. Young children walk through the parks wide eyed and submerged in the magic. The kids in between will need more guidance. If you’re heading to Disney World with children around the age of 10 then you need to be all in. Wrap yourself in the magic. Don’t laugh and scoff. Walk in awe and joy. Your kid will follow suit. Focus your FastPass selections on the thrilling rides at each of the parks and let them have a part in the planning to create their excitement for the vacation. Happy Planning, Friends.